Assertive Discipline : Positive Behavior for Today’s Classroom

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3 Semester Credits

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Course Description

This course will present traditional discipline strategies for classroom management in a proactive and assertive form. The myths that blame teachers for student misconduct are exposed in an age of misapplied self-esteem and increasing safety concerns. Educators learn to maintain a structured and supportive learning environment at all times with discipline plans from the books resources. Applying consequences along with positive recognition are outlined. Discover traditional classroom-proven practices that reduce teacher distractions so educators can focus on instruction and students learning.

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3 Semester Graduate Credits

Assertive Discipline

- 3 Graduate Credits -

Course Objectives

  1. Educators will learn how assertive discipline approaches assists and supports teacher rights, authority and responsibilities.
  2. Teachers will examine myths and misinformation that often unjustifiably blame teachers for issues beyond their control or authority.
  3. Educators will be presented with numerous discipline plans and behavior modification strategies for implementation into the classroom environment.
  4. Students will be able to use the specific directives, implementing consequences and on-task behavior strategies for classroom management.
  5. Teachers will develop a discipline plan or classroom management activity that utilizes positive recognition along with limits, structure and respect for authority.

Credit Hours

3 Semester Credits (post-baccalaureate professional development credit)

Course Instructor

Joseph C’de Baca MaEd.

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Assertive Discipline

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Kimberly W. – PA –

“I LOVED the Assertive Discipline text and have already begun to implement many of the aspects – behavior narration, 100% compliance-100% of the time- into my classroom”                                    

Melissa W. – PA –

“Thank you so very much! I’m really looking forward to taking these courses! Have a wonderful day, and again, thank you for your help! I have attached the PDF to this email. I hope that’s acceptable!”                                    

David M. – FL –

“Here are my course evaluation and my completed registration form PDF. In the registration form I checked the “summer” course box; I hope that’s the correct box.“

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